Trip Leader Training Offered

If you are a member or affiliate of the NPT Chapter, love hiking in the Adirondacks, and have the skills and experience to lead trips, please consider participating in our Trip Leader Training program. We will be offering one training from 1-4 pm on October 22 in Long Lake (in conjunction with our annual meeting the next day), as well as one in the spring. We need leaders of varying ages, backgrounds, and interests. Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to get more involved in the chapter.

All of our trip leaders are volunteers, and are free to lead as many or as few trips as they choose. Once the training is complete, trip leaders are certified to lead for us. For those who want additional mentoring before leading, opportunities to co-lead with experienced leaders exist. We need people who want to lead on the NPT and in other areas, and we need activities offered that range from beginner to advanced.

If this sounds appealing to you please contact NPT Chapter Outings Coordinator Diana Niland at as soon as possible to ask questions or sign up.

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