1. I was planning on hiking to Spruce Lake lean-to #2 from the Haskell Rd. trailhead on Monday 06/29 and staying the night and then hiking back on Tuesday 06/30. Looking at the future weather report for the Piseco area on those dates, it calls for, what looks like, some decent rain for Saturday and Sunday preceding. Is this hike still doable and safe then on Monday? Will the Jessup and the other creeks and streams on the way up be too swollen to safely cross? Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Mike B.

  2. is there a shuttle service for thru hikers to leave their car at the end and get shuttled to another point on the trail

    • Duct Tape, thanks for the FB link…but, not on FB. Any other options for making a connection with a lady who would be open to doing a shuttle? Thanks so much.

  3. Northville-Placid Trail has been included in a new post on the CDPHP blog, The Daily Dose. At CDPHP, we love hiking! And, we love New York and all of the great natural resources it offers, including a variety of hiking and walking trails. That’s why we wanted to offer New Yorkers a great resource to help them discover spots across the state where they can find wellness benefits, as well as an appreciation for the outdoors in summer.

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    The link to the Walking New York map and listing is here: http://blog.cdphp.com/community/walking-new-york-your-path-to-better-health/

    If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact me at aschreff@cdphp.com.

    Thank you!
    Allie Schreffler

  4. Where can I get current information (Summer/Fall 2015)about the NPT reroutes? I am interested in maps, trail descriptions, etc.


  5. Just wanted to let you know that I am the new lean to adopter for Moose Pond (the lean to list is not updated). Thanks again Kevin for transferring this lean to to me! I enjoy giving back!

    • Tony just saw this note I Know you are the adopted For moose pond we will update. We usually put the list up we receive from the ADK annually and make changes once a year that is why it wasn’t updated. Thanks for making us aware of it. I enjoy giving back as well!!!

  6. Leanto Rescue and the DEC are planning to repair the Moose Pond Leanto this year. The project includes replacing the roof, a couple of burned floor boards and the front and back deacon logs.

    Since the leanto is 8 miles in, we have requested that the materials be flown in. The DEC has indicated that they will do this during their spring flights if possible.

    In preparation for the repairs, Tony Oehler and I will be stripping the roof and prepping the debris to be flown out. This will happen in the next couple months to support the DEC flights.

    • Yes. Access to the NPT from upper benson is still available. The old NPT to the bridge is a marked spur trail. Once you cross the bridge over the W Branch of Stony Creek, take a left on the trail, heading upstream. The compass bearing is South which may confuse some.

  7. Hi there,

    My Friend and I are planning a full hike of the NPT from APRIL 22 – 30. We are wondering what the conditions of the trail are right now and what the situation is with a shuttle of any kind?

    Any information is really appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hi sorry for the delayed response. Typically this early InThe year there would still be snow in spots on the trail but not this year. You can expect mud always but more in spring. If you are starting from the Arch in northville which I assume you are since you said you are hiking the whole trail. Then you may have an issue crossing the west branch or Stoney creek about 8 Miles into your hike. This crossing is slated to get a bridge in 2017 but currently is a 90′ ford and it’s running pretty good right now. Other than that it should be a good time to hike with no bugs. Shuttles are tough the best thing to do is ask for help on our Facebook page there are over 1000 members on there that love to help if available. There is a hostle tmax and topos that does some shuttling I don’t known the fees. If you have other questions feel free to contact me directly.

      Bill. Nptstewardship@gmail.com

  8. I am co-trails chair for the Albany chapter. We have adopted the Sucker Brook trail. We are in the process of planning a re-route of the western half of the trail to avoid the 10 major stream crossings and the flooded trail due to beaver activity. The short section between the NPT and the Cedar River is extremely difficult for us to access and I would like to discuss with you taking over the maintenance for that section. Please reply to my e-mail or call me at 518-674-8121. Thanks.

    • John

      Thanks for reaching out to us.I have spoken to Russ Byer trail steward for suckerbrook junction to Cedar dam. Russ travel in on the suckerbrook trail and would be happy to take over the roughly 1 mile section you are asking about as he travel thru there anyhow. I am glad that will work out for everyone if you have any question or want to discuss it more please contact me directly Bill Celentano at nptstewardship@gmail.com

    • HI Jeffrey – The NPT Chapter offers guided section hikes throughout the year. Keep an eye out on the calendar of events for the trips to be posted. Also, if you haven’t already sign up to receive email notifications for this website so when we post about outings you will be notified.

  9. Hello,
    Are there shower facilities near the trail? I’m assuming Long Lake has Motels and Laundromats. Is there a campground or motel near Piseco or Blue Mt. Lake that would be open in September? Thanks for the info.

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